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Lushious Bath Bombs: 

Each pretty bath bomb has a beautiful hidden necklace with a penadnt inside!


Luxury Bath Bombs - Heart shaped Bath Bombs with Sweet Almond Oil, with Nourishing Clays, and Amazing Fragrance Oils.  This is a cottage industry product that is completely Made in India. Super moisturising, fragrant and relaxing. Best Gifts to pamper yourself or someone you love!


RELAXATION AT IT’S FINEST: Crafted from natural ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil,  Kaolin clay. They’re the perfect treat to turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury, after a long day. Simply relax and soak the stress away. Each Bath Bomb is generously filled with a variety of lush, aromatic oils and skin moisturising ingredients. You're sure to get impressed with this product

Love Bombs with Trinkets

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