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Like many of you, I am a mother who carefully reads the labels of products that I put on their body.

My journey started almost 12 years ago in 2009 after I had my first daughter. The more labels I researched, the more aghast I was on how, so many "leading brands", utilise unsound, chemically laden &  skin irritating ingredients even when we have better alternatives readily available, (albeit for a higher cost). Almost every bottle of shampoo, bath gel or soap I picked up had the words SLS / SLES  hidden in the long list of ingredients. The really sad part was this was even in baby products! SLS is thought to irritate the skin by disrupting the natural oils that maintain the skin's integrity. This not only leads to direct damage, but also reduces the skin's ability to keep out allergens. 

Natural Beauty

Brand Mission

Gaea Botanique, as a brand, believes that products need to be  Natural, Eco-Friendly, Gentle, Skin Nourishing, Effective and most of all Fun! ​Some of our wide range of handcrafted products are Bath Bombs, Whipped Soaps, Natural Sugar Scrubs, Solid Bubble Bars and an extensive range of quirky & Designer Soaps. 


We also have an equally extensive range of natural skin and hair therapies like Deeelicious Lip Balms & Lip Scrubs, Shea body Butters, Hair Masks and insanely moisturising "After Bath Body Conditioners."

Ideal for gifting or simply just to pamper yourself.

We am based in Mumbai but are able to ship pan India. Do get in touch with us for any query that you may have. 


Mother Nature has a abundance of remedies, if used correctly can not only deter but all reverse unfavourable skin conditions.


Our future endeavours will focus on developing even more products & packaging that are

eco-friendly and, of course, use natural ingredients! 

Soap Bubbles
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